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The National Green School Coalition

Creating healthy, sustainable learning environments.

We are a national organization that provides our members with the tools and support they need to create a comprehensive, verifiable green program. We also offer educational and training opportunities for educators and parents. An NGSC Facility believes that all children deserve a safe, healthy environment to grow in and flourish.

The NGSC program has opened my eyes to what is REALLY means to be green. There is so much to learn and this program made it so much easier.
The Cottages at Michaels Learning Center

Being green is a life choice worth making. Using cleaners without chemicals at the Preschool has made our students healthier and miss less days of school and bringing these initiatives home has helped my Asthmatic son breath better and stay healthier. Making small changes like using washable cups rather than disposable, keeps 20 cups a day out of landfills and teaches the children that you can make a difference by the little choices that you make every day!
God’s Little Acre Preschool

Our primary goal for going green was to provide the children with a healthy environment. Our goal is to make children more aware of living responsibly. We hope that by teaching the students about conservation and recycling, we will help them think about how they impact the planet.
Garden Montessori School

Member Program Features

NGSC Certified Staff

  • Support of a Nationwide Organization
  • Focused on Creating a Positive Health Impact
  • Initiatives & Requirements are Researched and Ready to Implement

  • Individualized Action Plans
  • The Option to Upgrade to an NGSC CERTIFIED MEMBER
  • Accessible & Affordable

Teacher with Class

A successful green program involves everyone, from the students to the director. That is why the NGSC offers training and certification for staff members along with the Green School Certification program.